What is Positive Physics?
October 12, 2019
A couple of cool cats based out of Memphis team up to make physics education accessible. Together Jack and Anthony are working towards making sure students and teachers can learn and do more in and out of the classroom.

Our unique approach of breaking down problems into accessible modules allows all students to build their skills and confidence.


Jack discovered during his second year of teaching, his students were frustrated. Not only did the current approach for physics education require students to all be at a certain level to understand even discussing the concepts, students that were performing well if you glanced at their exam scores were also missing the why. Mr. Replinger saw this and knew his student's didn't want to do bad, he knew they wanted to understand and do well. There just wasn't a way to do that effectively and he came up with Positive Physics.

Positive Physics started with the mindset that any student could "learn and love physics." After a decade of iterations the curriculum had made improvements in Replinger's classroom. He then wanted to share it with the world. After speaking with some people, trying to see what it would take to get this into the hands of students and teachers, he was told he needed lots and lots of money. Along with a large team with expertise to make this vision a reality.

The #FunCrew Chats with Jack and Anthony

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Instead of suiting up and hunting for investors he shared his idea with a friend after a game of basketball. Anthony Fizer, a developer, said let's just do this ourselves. There was plenty of quality control needed and what better place than in the classrooms Jack was already leading. Soulsville students were there for the launch of positivephysics.org, three months after the initial discussion of the project, the students have been providing valuable feedback and perspective ever since. Today, however, teachers and students from around the world have joined them in the effort to learn physics, positively.

Shout out to Jack and Anthony for sharing your stories behind this awesome thing you have created. Pernally I ennjoyed seeing a team doing something locally that has a positive impact beyond the city of Memphis. Let's see if we can get more people using your platform!


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