How To Choose the Perfect Commercial Door for Your Business
March 05, 2021
A business’s entrance is an overlooked yet crucial feature to accommodate patrons. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect commercial door for your business.

When you’re looking to invite customers into your place of business, your entryway design is critical to making that happen. From the signs you put out front to the display windows, each component is essential to attracting onlookers’ attention and drawing them in. However, if there’s anything more important than your storefront advertising, it’s the entrance itself. Having a quality commercial door is key to allowing individuals to enter and exit in an orderly and controlled fashion. Here is how to choose the perfect commercial door for your business and keep traffic flowing efficiently.

Know Your Options

Contrary to popular belief, commercial doors come in a variety of shapes, models, and capabilities. Each building will have varying needs depending on its size, layout, and occupancy. While some businesses might not need more than an old-fashioned, manual-swinging door to do the job, others might need an entryway that accommodates a larger crowd. Look into various options—both manual and automatic—to find the right one for you.

Consider Your Choices in Material

Choosing the perfect commercial door for your business should also involve some research into their different materials. Fiberglass is typically more popular since it’s inexpensive to fix yet still very durable and can withstand most common hazards. For something with a bit more security, steel also makes a good choice. However, this material is often a bit more expensive to repair or replace.

Think About Necessary Maintenance

Regardless of how sturdy a door you buy, maintenance will always be an important factor to keep in mind. Basic upkeep is the key to ensuring that the door continues to function properly despite any damage it might sustain. Take some time to consider how many resources you can devote to maintenance. If you can’t afford it very often, it’s better to purchase a durable door with fewer moving parts.

Find Something That Fits Your Needs

Then, once you have all the information about your options, compare that list to your needs. In the end, your needs for the door are what’s going to determine the right model for you. Take stock of the features it must have and what size crowd it must accommodate. You should also think about the image you want the front of your building to portray and find a look that caters to that aesthetic.


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