The Digital You
Digital Perks | December 29, 2020
Everyday there seems to be a new place for you to make a statement on the internet. Social Media, Blogging, Video Channels, Content Channels, Media Features, Portfolios, Shopping Carts, Affiliates, and more. Bring all your links together in one place.

JustMy, the Start of Something New

JustMy was created because we wanted to promote the positive things going on in the community.  We quickly realized that all the negative news was throwing a cloud over the #BeAmazing work being done at local nonprofits and we wanted to help.  Then we noticed that local business owners were a big part of the success story of every community.  Finally, we realized that our #BeAmazing hashtag applied to just about everyone in the community.  So we started helping community organizations share their #BeAmazing stories.  Before we knew it, we had helped nonprofits in the Memphis area raise 4 million dollars.  All we did was help them share their stories using a local digital newsstand.  We wanted to do more.  That is when we realize that links to great content could produce amazing results.  So we went to work creating a Content Hub where links could be used to help communities thrive!

The Power of a Link

We noticed early on that many business owners and nonprofits had become more focused on posting to social media than they were on creating great content.  At first, this seemed like a great idea, you create a page and you share things that told your story.  But before any of us realized it.  Social Media had become just like the evening news but so much worse.  Politics, Race Issues, and the Look at Me movement took over and created bubbles of agenda-driven negative content.

To make matters worse, all of the negative now through a cloud over the positive things going on in the community.

As Covid-19 took over the airways, the #FunCrew of #JustMy realized that people were still doing amazing things.  Businesses were becoming creative in providing services to the community.  NonProfits we finding new ways to help those in need.  Now if only you could find the #BeAmazing things going on.

This is when we realized two things needed to happen.  One, communities needed a way to bring their #BeAmazing content together in one place.  Next we needed to find a way to distribute this content so that it could make a positive impact on the community!  That is when we came up with the Digital You! would become your place on the web to bring all your content together from across the web onto one easy to use link.  Introducing the Digital You!

Make an Impact

With JustMy, you can create content or share content from any place online.  Now it is easy to get your content seen with just one link.  This is why we call it the Digital You, because it is the one place you can share anything from anyplace.  JustMy.Com/You!  The Content Hub holds all your links and we are creating tools like Digital Business Cards, Digital Listings & Profiles, Social Bio Links, and Newsletter Tools.  Now you can share the best of yourself and promote the businesses and local organizations you love at the same time!  Use your Dot on the Internet to Make an Impact on the Community around you!

Let's #BeAmazing Together

Team up with JustMy to help 100,000 businesses and non-profits get back on their feet after the impact of Covid-19 and the resulting recession.

The Campaign to Help
Our Goal, Help 100,000 Businesses & Non Profits
Become a Community Partner
You can be a Sponsor in Your Community helping locals get back on their feet.
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