4 Tips To Make Customers Happy at Your Hotel
August 23, 2021
Customer experience has a large impact on your hotel—negative experiences mean poor reviews.

Avoid this with top tips to make customers happy at your hotel!

Impeccable guest satisfaction is among the most critical element to running a successful hotel. The happier your guests are, the more likely they are to rave about your business and return for another stay. Make sure your property stands out with personalization, desirable amenities, and excellent customer service. By noting these four tips to make customers happy at your hotel, you can test different ideas to keep your business a success!

Stand Out From Competitors

Find a way to add some personal flair to your hotel, specifically in how you greet guests. Guests should walk into the hotel and feel welcome. Many hotels go about this by offering cookies or other small treats in the lobby. Not only is this welcoming, but it also makes guests feel at home.

You can also add personalization through loyalty programs or point systems for frequent guests, then reward them for their stay. Everyone loves gratitude, so remind loyal customers they’re valued.

Have Desirable Amenities

Amenities add value to your business, so make sure your hotel has what’s essential and desirable. For example, one essential amenity should be a cellular booster because it improves call quality, and some guests may stay in your hotel on business. For this reason, signal boosters add value to commercial properties

Likewise, consider the addition of non-essential amenities, such as gym equipment, free parking spaces, and in-room mini-fridges. All of this increases your guests' experience and makes them more likely to return. Take time to think about what’s both desirable and affordable, then begin upgrading.

Great Customer Service

Of the many tips to make customers happy at your hotelexceptional customer service is the most important. You could have the most beautiful hotel with the nicest upgrades, but if guests feel mistreated, chances are they won’t be back anytime soon.

Keep guest experience great by making the booking and check-out process hassle-free. And as you do this, train staff on what’s acceptable and unacceptable in terms of communication. Employees should never behave rudely to guests nor ignore them. If you notice this, pull your employee aside to discuss the behavior.

Always Be Proactive

Pay attention to what customers want and develop a plan to get there. By ignoring this and being reactive, you risk guests complaining or leaving poor online reviews. If a guest appears dissatisfied, talk to them. By communicating with your guests, you not only find ways to solve the problem at hand, but you also plan tactics to preventing it in the future. And the more mishaps you can avoid, the happier guests remain.



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