Grow and Prosper: 3 Signs You Need a Bigger Office Space
April 12, 2021
Every business outgrows their office sooner or later. Look for these signs you need a bigger office space, and learn the importance of making this change.

Growth is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Not only does it mean bringing in more work, but it also allows you to expand your offerings and areas of expertise. As such, it’s common for smaller but lucrative companies to outgrow their office spaces within the first few years of operation. These are some of the signs you need a bigger office space for your team and how having this resource will set you up for further success.

Work Areas Seem Overcrowded

One of the first indicators that your office is too small is that your work areas will seem overcrowded with people. Employees require a certain amount of personal space to focus. By endlessly expanding your team, you’re taking away some of the space necessary for them to move around and be comfortable. Therefore, should you find that you’re running out of desks or that some members of your team are complaining, it may be time to start planning an office move.

There Isn’t Enough Storage

You may also need a larger office if you’re frequently running out of storage space for your work supplies. Whether it be documents, paperclips, or electronic equipment, there are always a few things you need to keep available but out of the way. Otherwise, it can be increasingly difficult to keep things organized and in proper performing condition. If you’re running out of places to stash supplies, it’s best to acquire a bigger space.

You Have Too Few Meeting Rooms

Another telltale sign you need a bigger office space is a lack of meeting rooms for essential group work. As your team grows, there will be more opportunities for project work. However, these tasks require enough space for each team to come together and discuss their specific roles. Smaller quiet rooms also allow individuals the means to concentrate on their own work. Consequently, you’ll need more floor space to accommodate these needs.


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