4 of the Most Common Mistakes Made When Spring Cleaning
March 26, 2021
Cleaning a home incorrectly can make more work in the long run. Discover some common mistakes made when spring cleaning so you can get the most of this process.

Fresh breezes and warmer temperatures mark the very beginning of spring. But, if anything could be more of an indicator that this season is upon us, it’s the compulsive desire to clean your home. Spring cleanings have been a tradition for a long time, and they’ve become an integral part of the average home maintenance routine. However, no matter how many times we undergo this task, there are always a few errors we tend to make along the way. These are some common mistakes made when spring cleaning and how to avoid making them yourself.

Cleaning Without a Game Plan

One of the largest slip-ups we tend to make when spring cleaning is actually one that happens before we even start. Regardless of whether you’re undergoing a home renovation or simply performing routine maintenance, planning these processes is crucial to completing them effectively. Otherwise, the individuals step you’re taking are unclear and the task itself becomes too overwhelming to continue. As such, taking the time now to map out how you want your spring cleaning to go is a great asset in keeping you on track.

Leaving the Clutter Alone

Tackling this project without first getting clutter out of the way is also a common mistake made when spring cleaning. After all, it’s cluttered piles of items that make your home appear messy in the first place. So, if this process is already making you feel overwhelmed, don’t skip it. Instead, practice some of the most practical methods to getting it done on your terms. A few examples of this may be to give yourself small goals for decluttering or to create an easy-to-understand sorting system.

Washing Your Floors First

Another error you’re going to want to avoid is cleaning the lower parts of a room before the upper ones. While the floor, tabletops, and cabinets are all things that we’ll recognize first as being dirty, they’ll only get dirty again once you move on to your higher fixtures. As you wipe down your lighting, wall art, and even the walls themselves, particles will fall and rest on the surface below. Because of this, it’s best to save your floors and lower tables for last.

Forgetting About Fabric Surfaces

Believe it or not, it’s very rare that our household fabrics get cleaned—unless something gets spilled on them, of course. Otherwise, your throw pillows, couches, and curtains end up going the whole year without being washed. As such, for a thorough spring cleaning, it’s vital you spend some time cleaning these items, as well. Since fabrics have a tendency to trap dirt and other grimy particles, washing them will also help improve the overall air quality in your home.


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