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Challenge students to reach their personal best in all areas by presenting them with achievable goals thereby building self-esteem and confidence.


The mission of Concord Academy is to educate and guide students with special learning and social-emotional needs by challenging them to reach their personal best in all aspects of development to attain confident, productive, and fulfilling lives.

A Note from Director Cece Palazola

Let me introduce you to Concord Academy. We are a private, state-approved school for students with learning and social disabilities in grades 6-12. Our school’s campus is located in Memphis, TN. We hope that browsing our site will give you a glimpse into how Concord Academy offers exceptional programs for exceptional students.

Concord was founded in 1983 by parents who recognized the fact that their children with disabilities were quickly falling behind their peers in large and highly competitive educational settings. These parents saw that a student with special needs often has a painful awareness of being “different” and experiences great frustration when he or she cannot achieve what others typically master with ease.

Concord Academy offers students a unique learning community with an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, within a small, structured, and secure environment. Concord was established to provide the best education and environment for student growth in all aspects of development, including specialized academic instruction, psycho-social and emotional well-being support, as well as vocational guidance.

We offer a flexible core curriculum of general academics to meet the needs of each student. We strive to prepare each student for life after Concord. Achieving a high school diploma and gaining the skills needed to succeed in the community are equally important.

Since its inception, Concord has served over 800 students in Memphis and the surrounding areas. To date, over 91% of all Concord graduates have satisfied state requirements for earning a regular high school diploma and have entered community colleges, universities, vocational/technical schools and/or gained productive employment. In 2013, 100% of Concord’s graduating class received regular high school diplomas and are attending a university, community college or have successfully entered the workforce.

Concord is more than just a place to earn a diploma. It is a place to build friendships and self-esteem. Concord offers activities found in a typical high school experience. The students attend school dances, proms, out of town school trips, and participate in service learning projects. Concord also has a student council, Key club and Builders Club to help build leadership skills. All of these activities help strengthen students to become more productive citizens.

I invite you to tour Concord Academy and observe students engaged in learning and building friendships, in our unique educational environment that has brought success to so many students. Helping our students successfully meet challenges and plan for their futures are the best educational gifts we can give. Together, we can make a positive difference in the life of your child.

Cece Palazola, Director, Concord Academy

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